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How to be a Photographer!

A large number of people who think about becoming a professional photographer have no idea how to get started. If this seems like you, don't stress you're not alone. Below we have outlined a few simple and easy things to help you in your voyage

Step 1: Get Yourself a Camera

Buying a digital camera online can be very intimidating, but its not as hard as you might think. One of the best ways is to read through every single comment left on a product page, to get a better feel for just how the camera actually functions. Try looking at third party websites like amazon or B & H photo, rather than the maker's website.

Step 2: Develop The Technical Chops

Your camera obviously has an owner's guide, right? Find it underneath your bed, or on-line, and read through the whole thing, at least twice. Don't skip functions you don't think you need, because you don't really understand what you'll need yet, do you? You should also go through search engines and use an approach I like to call "Searching for Questions" - enter any question you have about your camera on-line, and if you're clever, you're likely to find it has already been answered on some forum or blog somewhere, where you can then get the answer. Make no mistake - you will need to read a LOT of articles before you can call yourself a guru, but this is so often the case in life.

Practice taking images as much as you can. Take an overwhelming amount of photos. Hard drive space is inexpensive, after all!

One of the best ways to start working is by emulation. You can go on flickr or just google, and figure out what other photographers inspire you the most. Early on you can attempt to copy their work to help yourself learn, and gradually you'll know enough that you might want to branch out into your own style, and be your own photographer.

Step 3: Make Your Portfolio

You cannot just take a few photos and expect to be brilliant. You constantly need more. Try making folders on your pc that contain your favorites for the week, month, year, etc, and your current day absolute best, and constantly update them.

Once you have made your own portfolio, the next thing you need is your own website. There are a lot of no-cost sites out there that you can find just by searching, and you can use them to get started pretty fast. Set yourself up with what you are able to, but make it a goal in mind to have a real formal dot com as soon as you can.

Step 4: Get the Word Out

Don't forget that you will need a profile on the big social networking websites too. Facebook and twitter are fairly popular right now, but don't disregard other types of networks. You probably want to at minimum include ones you notice that your close friends or prospective photography clients are using. Don't forget to customize each profile with your bio, photographs, and links back to your primary web site. You can promote each one in addition to your main web site and see even more results.

And it does not end here. Even after you get up to this point, even though you may know how to become an exceptionalphotographer, you should always continue learning. You should also continue taking great pictures, and researching better ways to market. It may all sound exhausting, but that is the price you must pay to have one of the most entertaining and rewarding pastimes / occupations around.

Even while we understand this post is definately not all inclusive, hopefully it has helped you in some way to becoming a great photographer. If you found this valuable, kindly lend your support by giving us a hyperlink and a shout out. We bid you all the best in your voyage towards great digital photography!



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